It all started when my home tribe was attacked by an evil group of kubolts. They killed my whole tribe. Raging in anger i charged into the near by tribe of kubolts, the same ones that attacked my village. I killed about 30 of them, when the last one jumped out of a dark corner, about to shovea short spear through my head, when all of a sudden a gnome came out of nowhere and kicked the small spear. It broke in half. Then i took my greataxe and deheaded him. Then I said, thank you, I owe you my life. He said fine, come there is a near town with a nice bar. When we got there, there were kubolts, like five of them. I barely stopped myself from attacking them. When i looked up some guy punched one in the face. I saw the opritunity, and i took it. I smashed one of there heads in. Then they were running to attack some girl who was singing. I jumped in front and killed them. Then some guy with a hole in his stomach giving the cashier 20gp. After some old guy wanted to see us in the back of the room. To Be Continued.

Super epic campaign of confusion